Virginia O’Keeffe, Photographer

 Equine and Western Photography and Portraiture; Innovative Commercial Farm/Ranch Photography


My name is Virginia O’Keeffe and I am a ranch-raised cowgirl, photographer and writer. Although I know it’s customary on a website to write about oneself in the third person I won’t-because it’s creepy. My advanced degrees in Media Studies/Photojournalism provide the tools I need to write well and take a good photo.  However, my life-long romance with horses and the big blue sky is what lies at the nexus of my obsession with the creation of a chronical of our diminishing western heritage and lifestyle.

Among my subjects are ranching, good horses and broncs, legendary horsemen, old rusty trucks, cowboys and cowgirls, rodeos, pie tasting events, frying pan tossing competitions and wild horses.  I am also a professional photographer at rodeos and performance horse events.

In 2008 I established my business, Ghost Horse, at which I focus on equine photography, portraiture, and fine art photography.  I truly believe that I am able to capture the essence of the horses that I photograph as only a true horseman may.  I also enjoy working with individuals and families in the creation of portraits that are compelling, and in-line with their vision.